Searching for the secret to be all that top you can be? Ascend to the highest point of your game? Get your identification and become a certified top firearm. TOP. I think you get it.

Here are some speedy tips and deceives from ACON’s Peer Education group that will make you top like a genius in a matter of seconds.


When besting interestingly it very well may be scaring so we suggest constructing a great deal of trust with your accomplice by investigating each other’s bodies through foreplay prior to beginning insertive sex.

two men kissing in a sauna


Correspondence is unbelievably significant when you are besting. Settle in checking in with your accomplice and asking them how they jumped at the chance to be screwed. (do they require foreplay? Do they should be fingered?) Equally, in the event that you know there is something that your accomplice does that makes you rock hard then request it!

Attractive murmur

While you are discussing what gets you and your accomplice’s motors moving, why exclude what kind of HIV counteraction strategies you need to utilize? Slip in that you are utilizing PrEP or an imperceptible viral burden – or possibly that you are hoping to utilize condoms. Whatever it is you choose to utilize, you are telling your accomplice that you are taking care of your own wellbeing and theirs. Speaking with your accomplice before you get together will save you from an abnormal discussion and allow for the pleasant stuff.

  1. Bury the hatchet WITH POO

Prior to beginning to top you should come to harmony with the possibility that there are times where things may get a bit chaotic. Prior to garnish you should come to harmony with this and ability not to cause your accomplice to feel horrendous if a mishap occurs. Supportive of tip; ensure you toss a towel down on the bed or have one convenient.

Artist wearing crap outfit


Fingering is fundamental! An individual has two sphincters an inner and outer. An individual can handle their outer sphincter, yet they can’t handle their inner sphincter. Fingering isn’t just inconceivably close and pleasant for your accomplice, but on the other hand it’s an extraordinary method to invigorate the prostate (at last where you are expecting to hit when you screw them).

a hand dialing a telephone

  1. Simple ON THE IGNITION!

You or your accomplice might be eager to get moving, however frequently it’s smarter to begin slow. Even get-togethers have invested some energy fingering your’s base, it can in any case be a bit close and delicate down there. In this way, in case you’re anxious to get riding, recollect start gradually, be careful and go at a speed that suits your accomplice.

Calm cadet

  1. RIDE Them, COWBOY!

Cowhand position (you on your back, your accomplice dropping themselves down onto you) is the most agreeable situation for most bottoms to begin a meeting in. This is likewise an extraordinary position since it permits very great point control. Your accomplice can situate themselves to make the most out of your part.

Brokeback Mountain cattle rustlers


Assuming you need to go quicker ask them! – it doesn’t need to be exhausting or inflexible, however in case you are getting into a musicality and you need to release your inward Hulk, then, at that point inquire. Your accomplice will be appreciative that you checked in with them.

Gimli with the content ‘I could do that’

  1. Registration WITH YOUR PARTNER

Need to know whether they are preferring pup however much you are? Ask them. Correspondence during sex can be truly hot. It likewise implies that it’s far-fetched you will be stuck in a place that doesn’t work for you or them.

David from Schitz Creek saying ‘how are we feeling’


Pause for a memorable minute why you are screwing your accomplice. Is this is on the grounds that they beseeched you to screw them? Or then again was this is on the grounds that you needed to drive them wild with another stunt that you were able to learn? Your temper and sentiments around fixing will have a significant effect.

moving Rocky


Here and there dicks are… well… dicks. Here and there they will not remain hard, now and then they lose it midway. The main thing is to approve of this. Bunches of things influence how hard a person can become, be it stress, drug, liquor or different elements. At the point when you are connecting, take as much time as necessary and mess around with it. In case things aren’t working out and you’re not ready to keep an erection, there is no motivation behind why you can’t in any case have a great time and hot time. Zero in on different things and return to it when things are a bit firmer!


In case you are reliably objecting to remaining hard and you feel it’s influencing your certainty or psychological well-being then you should seriously think about talking with a specialist your trust. Not certain on the off chance that you feel open to conversing with your present GP? Look at the gay-accommodating GP list here.

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